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flood safety

Ravaging floods have unleashed chaos across Delta State, resulting in the displacement of residents from five communities within the Warri North Local Government Area.

These riverine communities, namely Torukubuagbene, Awanba, Koropigbene, Itagbene, Asigborodo, and adjacent clans, are currently grappling with the overwhelming force of torrential waters. The severity of this situation has reached a critical level, prompting concerns about the safety and well-being of the affected population.

Mr. Kenren Pere, the Councillor representing Ogbinbiri Ward 18 in Asigborodo Community, conveyed the gravity of the crisis during an interview with journalists in Warri. He revealed that this distressing ordeal began over a week ago, with conditions exacerbating significantly on Friday.

Pere emphasized the unprecedented nature of this calamity, as even though the region had experienced rainfall in the past, the current situation surpasses anything previously encountered. The consequences of this deluge are dire, with residents unable to carry out their normal daily activities, leading to widespread hunger in the affected communities.

In light of these distressing circumstances, Pere earnestly appealed to the government to respond urgently. He called for immediate relief measures, including the provision of essential supplies such as food items, clean water, and shelter to alleviate the suffering of the affected residents. He also highlighted the extensive destruction caused by the floods, which have obliterated valuable assets such as local boats, clothing, food supplies, and livelihoods.

Pere’s plea underscores the urgency of the situation, as lives are at stake, and the affected communities are grappling with hunger and despair. It is imperative that the government takes swift and decisive action to address this humanitarian crisis.

Regrettably, attempts to contact the Chairman of Warri North Local Government Area, Mr. Smart Asekutu, have proven unsuccessful, leaving the affected communities in a state of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Okpor, the Director of Administration and Finance at the Delta Emergency Management Agency, expressed a lack of awareness regarding the situation. He requested video evidence of the incident to facilitate a more comprehensive assessment and response. This request reflects the agency’s commitment to data accuracy and effective disaster management.

In conclusion, the devastating flood in Delta State presents a dire safety and humanitarian crisis that demands immediate government intervention.

Urgent relief efforts, thorough assessment, and coordination with relevant authorities are imperative to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities. The government’s response should encompass not only short-term relief but also long-term measures to prevent future occurrences and enhance resilience in the face of natural disasters.

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