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Safety is not a game… Or is it? 


It’s likely that a parent or a safety professional has told you that “safety is no game.” While that’s usually the case, the Risk Management and Safety team has designed a game to highlight the importance of safety while you play for a chance to win prizes.

Inspired by the popular Wordle game, you will uncover a five-letter word that reveals a message to keep safety top of mind. Playing “Word to the Wise” the first Tuesday of every month in NDWorks Weekly will give you a chance to win monthly prizes and participate in a grand prize drawing.

“We can all think back to early lessons we learned about safety,” Anna Belote, senior director of Risk Management and Safety, says. “Don’t touch hot surfaces. Look both ways before crossing the road. Wear your seat belt. Having safety as a core value is what allows us to work, learn and conduct research in an environment that we know we can trust.”

Safety is not a game... Or is it? 
Safety is not a game… Or is it?

As the new year begins, the Risk Management and Safety team is asking the campus community to consider how safety impacts your daily work and life and how you can be accountable for a strong safety culture for yourself and those around you. Why? Because safety is personal.

“Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to be safe?’ Do you have a family, a hobby, volunteer in the community, like to travel? If you are unsafe at work and sustain an injury, it makes it very difficult to participate with or in any of those things,” Belote says.

If you need help making the connection between your daily work and opportunities for safety improvements, Belote offers her team as an institutional resource and partner in safety.

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“From workforce safety to laboratory safety and everything in between, we want to be a partner for faculty and staff in helping develop strong safety programs,” she says.

You can engage your team in the conversation about safety by playing Word to the Wise. The first five-letter word is hidden in this safety tip:

Ice on the lakes may look strong, but could be dangerous. If there is slush or snow on top, or water around the shoreline, be safe and stay off the ice.


Jenna Liberto

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