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Two-year-old Girl Electrocuted


Recent incidents in Lagos have highlighted grave safety oversights, leading to heartbreaking electrocution tragedies involving children. In the Langbasa area, a two-year-old girl lost her life on January 2 at approximately 11:30 am after coming into contact with an exposed wire connected to a neighbour’s house.

The father, Mudashiru, recounted the tragic incident, expressing profound grief and highlighting the negligence that led to the loss of his daughter. He revealed that the wire linked to the neighbour’s gate caused the fatal electrocution, and despite efforts to rush her to a nearby hospital, she was confirmed dead upon arrival.

A neighbour, speaking anonymously, disclosed the prevailing advice in the area to cover all exposed wires, especially in homes with young children. The lack of awareness on the child’s part about the dangers of the bare wire underscored the preventable nature of the accident.

Similarly, another distressing incident occurred in Mushin, where a mother is fighting for her life after losing two of her children to electrocution. The girl, aged 10, and the boy, aged seven, were fatally electrocuted while attempting to switch on the television upon returning from school. Sources suggest that the parents were not in immediate proximity when the tragic event unfolded.

These incidents shed light on critical safety lapses within residential areas. The absence of proper wire insulation and safety measures, especially in homes with young children, poses significant risks. The consequences have been devastating, resulting in the loss of innocent lives and leaving families shattered.

While the incidents have been reported to the authorities for investigation, they emphasize the urgent need for proactive safety measures. The importance of covering exposed wires and implementing safety protocols within households cannot be overstated. The tragedies serve as poignant reminders of the paramountcy of vigilance and precautionary measures to prevent such devastating accidents in the future.

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