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Safe drinking water

Safe drinking water stands as an indispensable cornerstone of life, an element so vital that its integrity cannot b compromised. Its significance goes beyond sustenance; it’s a fundamental human entitlement, a catalyst for progress, fostering robust health and community resilience.

On November 11, 2023, Sterling Oil Exploration & Energy Production Co. Ltd. (SEEPCO) orchestrated an event themed ‘Safe Drinking Water, Healthy Living’ in the Otto community, Lagos Island LGA at Otto Primary School, Ijora-Olopa, Lagos State.

This initiative aimed to secure access to sustainable and safe drinking water for women in these communities. SEEPCO distributed 1,180 Water Purifiers (Water Guards) to the Otto Community, Lagos Island LGA.

The event drew esteemed figures like Mr. Olatunji Saheed from the Lagos Water Corporation, emphasizing how contaminated water poses significant health risks. Access to safe drinking water, crucial for overall health, is a linchpin in human growth. SEEPCO’s initiative holds the promise of reducing water-borne diseases and uplifting the community’s quality of life.

Ensuring safe drinking water should be a paramount goal for every community, emphasizing the need for treating, purifying, and providing water through safe means, fostering healthy ecosystems.

Mr. Muheez Salako, Chairman of the Otto Community Development Association, lauded SEEPCO for comprehending their challenges and strengthening the community through safe drinking water. SEEPCO’s commitment to this cause underscores its dedication to fostering empowered and prosperous communities, making safe drinking water a tangible reality.

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