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How To Unlock Your Safety Profession’s Potential

Unlock Your Safety Profession's Potential
Unlock Your Safety Profession’s Potential

Strategies to Take You to the Next Level, And To Unlock Your Safety Profession’s Potential

As a safety professional with the passion to Unlock Your Safety Profession’s Potential, give yourself the opportunity to show what you’re truly capable of by actively searching for opportunities to use these talents. The more you use them, the better you become at using them, and the more they will become a part of you. Eventually, others will begin to see them as well. Even though some of these skills may not come naturally to you, with practice and persistence, you will master them. As you do, you’ll unlock your potential and create a path for greater success.


Rather than rushing out to check on individual team members individually, take a few minutes to talk to the whole team. This quick gesture will make you visible and show that you care about the team as a whole. This is a great strategy to use when you have bad news that you need to deliver. By talking to the entire team at once, you are giving people the opportunity to distract themselves with other thoughts and noises while you deliver the news. Also, having everyone hear the news at the same time, is less embarrassing and hurtful for those who do not deserve the blame.

2. LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU TRUST THEM – Your Safety Profession’s Potential.

Even if you aren’t familiar with all the employees you work with, you probably have at least a few qualities in others that you admire. Use this strategy to find qualities in others that you don’t admire and trust them with those tasks. Most people want to please those above them and will strive to meet—and even exceed—your expectations. Also, when you trust others, you are showing that you have faith in their capabilities, which will increase their self-confidence and make them more willing to work hard.


Rather than telling your team exactly what you want, provide guidelines. Give them specifics about what you’re looking for, but let your team members decide how they’re going to deliver. This will create competition among your employees, which is a good thing. It will also ensure that you aren’t coming down too hard on one team member, which can create resentment.

4. MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS THE TOOL THEY NEED – Your Safety Profession’s Potential.

Whether they need a dust mask, a stethoscope, paint brushes, or tools, don’t wait to equip your team with the tools they need to do their jobs well. Ensure all safety professionals have the tools they require to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors.


People tend to like doing things they’re already good at, so it can take a little convincing to get someone who is used to doing things one way to try something new. Explain to your employees that the purpose of these meetings is to get feedback, so they shouldn’t worry about getting it right the first time or coming off as uneducated. Suggest some different strategies to them and encourage them to give it a try. You’d be surprised by what people are willing to try when encouraged.

6. LET SAFETY PROFESSIONALS KNOW THEY ARE HEARD – Your Safety Profession’s Potential.

Sometimes, especially if they’re new to the safety team or nervous about speaking up, safety professionals may not express themselves fully. Make sure to thank them at the end of the meeting for their input, whether or not you’re going to implement their ideas. Also, make it a point to get individual feedback from each safety professional so they know their thoughts are valued.  sometimes it takes a little one-on-one time to truly instill confidence in your employees.


Many companies implement reward and punishment systems, but not all do so correctly. In order to get the most out of your safety professionals, you need to let them know there are benefits — and consequences — to working safely in their daily lives. Determine what the consequences should be if a safety professional fails to act or if they overreact. Also, determine what rewards should be given for exceeding expectations. Get creative!

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