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If there’s one juicy fruit most individuals and family love, it is watermelons.

Interestingly, watermelons is hydrating, filling and gives such good, clean energy.

Watermelons are also really cleansing for the body because 90% of its weight is water.

Truth is, snacking on watermelon will help you feel full so you won’t have cravings between meals.
It is good to know that not only are watermelons a hydrating fruit being made up of 90% water, but they have many nutritional benefits.

Here are a few benefits to eating this amazing fruit that you may not be aware of :

– Watermelons contains Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps keep skin and hair moisturized, and it also encourages healthy growth of new collagen and elastic cells

– Having a little bit of watermelon or watermelon juice before an intense workout helps reduce next – day muscle soreness
– Watermelons are full of Vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and C, watermelon is also packed with amino acids, which contributes towards healthy skin, aiding the immune system. Amino acid from watermelon is essential in our bodies and helps with blood circulation in the scalp

– Watermelons also contains lycophene. Lycophene is an inhibitor for various inflammatory processes and also works as an antioxidants to neutralize free radicals

– Watermelons contains compounds that may help prevent cancer

– It improves heart health

– Lowers inflammation and oxidative stress

– Watermelons is also great to give to our kids after their sports activities instead of giving them sugary drinks that may be harmful to their health

– Eating a watermelon a day will keep the Doctor away….

Amazing Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds

Apart from eating watermelon, did you know you should eat or swallow the seeds too?
Swallowing a watermelon seed will not cause a watermelon to grow in your stomach…

Watermelons seeds are completely safe to swallow, and they actually have many health benefits. They are packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

Watermelons seeds are one of the most nutrients – dense varieties of seeds. When roasted, they easily take the place of other snack options like French fries and chips.

– 100 grams watermelon seeds provides 600 calories which is the same as 10 slices of bread

One can eat the watermelon seeds raw. If you don’t like them raw, roast them. When roasted, they are crispy and can easily take the place of other unhealthy snack options
Watermelons seeds also contain adequate amount of protein, which is helpful for your hair health. The seeds contain iron, which helps to strengthen your hair.

Watermelons seeds are abundant with fatty acid which is beneficial in making our skin healthy. Lastly, the unsaturated fatty acids found in the seed prevents dry, dullness and acne marks.

Do your body a massive favour and incorporate this amazing fruit called watermelon and its seeds into your diet.
Juice it, blend it, eat / swallow the seeds however you please.

Just enjoyed some watermelon and the seeds and reap the many health benefits

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