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Things to consider before choosing healthcare options in Lagos

As a Lagosian, we might really not value the healthcare options but the truth is; once in a while we need to check our health status to ensure we are within a stabilized weight, blood pressure etc.

Things to consider before choosing healthcare options in Lagos
Things to consider before choosing healthcare options in Lagos

When it comes to Lagos and healthcare services, one really need to be careful. There’s an option of public and private owned healthcare sector.

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The public healthcare sector is owned by the government and of course a lot of things are often at a reasonable rate.
A private healthcare sector is often owned by private individuals so it’s understandable that their services are quite expensive since they need to pay their employees from their pockets.
This article will compare both healthcare options in terms of services to humanity, payments and ability to listen to patient’s complaints and also to be able to recommend treatments, and of course self care.

While government owned hospitals might be seen as cheap and rowdy, a lot of times most of them, especially in those in the educated urban areas are often top notch in their performance of duties. An average healthcare personality in a government owned hospital really want to care for you so you can leave (sometimes they might be in haste in dispensing their services and functions).
Also, payments for test and all other checkups are often reasonable but what is the use of these if the doctors are not competent?

Ability to listen to patient’s medical history: most doctors in public owned hospitals might not really want to listen, but if you end up with a very educated one, they are much more likely to listen to the patient’s history and provide a great solution through it. You are likely chanced to meet doctors who are patient enough in dealing with patients in public hospitals too, this is one thing that is very possible in both hospitals. A patient who carries himself well and is well composed and matured in terms of outspokenness is likely to get a better treatment in public healthcare than an introvert.

Private owned hospitals have lot of things you might also want to consider; when it comes to deliveries I really do not think private hospitals are the best options, except those who have earned this license. Private hospitals most times treat you based on what they are charging you. Only few percentage of them take into consideration in fulfilling their oaths to humanity. Most of these doctors do not really follow the African midwives practice of safety delivery and baby treatments.

If you reside in a government residential area, it would be much more beneficial to check out a government owned hospital, but if you live in a random environment, checking out with a private hospital would definitely be the best, and of course you must be sure to let them know the value of treatment you require.

Human health sector is a very delicate sector across the world. The need for people to understand where and who should have access to their health bio-data and history is very crucial. The kind of treatment they also subject themselves to is equally important .

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