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Ways to avoid getting health issues through mobile device 


Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine life without a smartphone. And whether we realize it or not, we’re more dependent (or hooked) than ever on our smartphones.

In that scenario, you should be aware that you’re probably putting a lot of strain on your eyes.
Currently, there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and they use them for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes each day. It is more important than ever to shield the eyes from the harm that cell phone use causes.

According to Healthline, long-term smartphone use can cause a number of problems, including headaches, impaired vision, dry, irritated eyes, and fatigue. It is preferable to address this issue by preventing it rather than trying for a treatment down the road because eye damage brought on by cellphone use is frequently long-lasting.

Ways to avoid getting health issues through mobile device 
Ways to avoid getting health issues through mobile device 

According to Healthline, digital eye strain is not a new term but many have only associated it with computer use until now. As our phone time increases, so do our chances of developing digital eye strain related symptoms. Digital eye strain occurs when we stare at a screen for more than two hours. It causes temporary discomfort such as irritated eyes, blurred vision or eye fatigue. However, with prolonged exposure to a phone screen on a regular basis, we can develop longer lasting eye damage such as dry-eye disease.


1.Adjust Screen brightness.

Make sure that your screen’s brightness is equivalent to the amount of ambient light. Your eyes may suffer from the brightness or darkness of your screen. It takes only a few seconds to adjust your screen’s brightness, which can help to safeguard your eyes from lengthy smartphone use.

2. Adjust text size and contrast.
Make sure your screen’s text and contrast are set adequately so that they can be read by your eyes without tiring them out. You will find it simpler to read emails, messages, web material, and everything else as a result.


3. Maintain a clean screen
Ensure From time to time, wipe your smartphone with a dry, clean towel. This guarantees that debris, grit, and filth are removed from your phone’s surface, allowing for clear viewing and less strain on the eyes.


4. Maintain a proper holding distance.
The average person holds their phone roughly 8 inches away from their face. However, holding your phone that close to your face might seriously harm your eyes. When using a smartphone for extended periods of time, keep the distance between the screen and your eyes between 16 and 18 inches.


5. Consider using a unique lightening.
Many individuals use their phones to browse while it is absolutely dark outside. You risk harming your eyes by doing this. When using your phone in the dark, reduce the brightness as far as you can, however it is preferable to avoid doing this. A bedside lamp is an additional option. Your eyes will notice a big improvement as a result. This is where features like Night Light or Dark Mode on some phones come in quite handy.

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