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Ways to ensure safety of customers at a bar.

“Customers safety…the foremost important duty.”

Bar openings are places which we plan to visit in expectation to have some lovely chilled drinks, amazing appetisers and enjoy life in a more calm and relaxed manner, sometime to for any worries down drains or probably just to calm our nerves. The bars also cater to such situations where the patrons capture their share of best moments hanging out in the bar with some friends and dear ones sipping into their favourites or the venue specialities. During such times, when everything is expected to function in a smooth and subtle manner, there would definitely be certain situations which may arise to harm the tranquillity of the place.

This article will focus way bar owner can ensure safety of their customers at all time.

1. Well lightened Environment.
While it is important that a bar feels cozy and calm, it is also very important it is well lighted unlike a club house. Everyone should be able to see who is whom at any time. Make the place not too bright but well lit to actually see and monitor any ridiculous mischief happening at any tiny corner of the bar.

2. Ability to return stolen or lost goods.
What makes customers feel safe is the ability that their property stays safe or will get returned if misplaced. Bartenders should learn to keep and return lost or misplaced properties of customers. There should also be a planned down routine on recovering stolen items.


3.Have your rules.
While the safety of the customer is very important, it is also important to know and understand that the safety of the environment is very necessary. Make your own rules which protect the environment, when the bar is well protected there is a high tendency that individual who patronizes the bar also stays protected.

The OMIS Award

4. Always be ready to help.
There might be a customer or two sometimes who would actually come to you and request you to book a cab or them after identifying their own helplessness post the happy time spent at your place. Never brush them away saying ‘it doesn’t come under your duty bracket.’ Carefully lead them to the security staff and appreciate their effort to keep the place maintains its peace and agility.

5. Focus on the quality of your product.
Beer and other consumable items in the bar should maintain a safe standard as this affects the health and safety of the consumers. Always ensure your product are up date and standard for human consumption.

Drinking and driving a serious crime everywhere in the world, ensure the safety of everyone who patronizes your bar at all time.

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