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Ways to reduce human error in maritime workplace


Maritime industry is a very important aspect of the country’s growth. The development and civilization of the nation’s economy are very connected to how effective the activeness of the maritime industry of that nation.

While ships and cargo may somehow have their error which humans are on the line to fix, it is also very important that we put into consideration the errors that human can cause in the maritime workplace environment.

This article will focus on ways we can reduce the human error caused in maritime workplace environment.

1. Increase level of automation.
While human productivity is great, it is more efficient to put into use automatic methods as this will not only reduce error but also bring about a higher production rate and increased productivity, more efficiently use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, and reduced engine and machine lead times.

2. Have a visible vessel design
Maritime workplace vessel design should be very visible and better planned in comparison to other workplace. While other form of workplace may survive any immediate outbreak due to safety error, maritime workplace may not. It is therefore very essential that vessel design are fixed and place in a better and very visible manner. There should always be a plan B, even when there is a perfect vessel design. Disaster on water is often not really predictable as those on land.

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3. Standard operation maintenance.
Maritime industry requires a lot and tons of maintenance for every duty on Sea. It is also important that the operation menus and methods are standard in relation to compliance. Maintenance should always be top oriented and placed at top priority at all time of functioning.

4. Proper Communication and supervision.
There should be a great and idea method of communication for every assigned assignment while on the sea, it is very important that assignment are communicated clearly to avoid error or misconception of what is expected which may end up leading to a disaster. Also, it is important that every performed functions is supervised throughly to avoid mistake, misdeed or anything that may cause distraction to lives and property.

5. Improved Training
Training is important at every stage in all industry. The ability of employees to perform efficiently without causing havoc is dependent on the level of training they are given. Maritime industry is very delicate and so every training done must be improved to a good standard for effective Performances.

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Good maritime education leads to greater maritime safety because when seafarers are well trained unnecessary accidents are avoided. Therefore proper education should be given to anyone who will be placed on duty at a maritime workplace.

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