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Why it is important to be an IOSH member Africa, Nigeria

What is IOSH?

IOSH, popularly known as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the largest health and safety membership body in the world. IOSH is committed to ensuring that global work practises are safe, healthy and sustainable across the globe.

Benefits of being an IOSH member.

1. It gives you a benchmark for Professionalism.
IOSH membership across the globe is a standard way to express professionalism and health excellence. It places you at top professional standard and viewpoint.

Why it is important to be an IOSH member Africa, Nigeria
Why it is important to be an IOSH member Africa, Nigeria

2. It brings about an upgrade in career growth
IOSH membership bring about continuous learning and development. This bring about improvement and growth towards milestone in the safety industry.

3. Bring update to safety industry.
IOSH membership helps with improvement and staying up to date with newest safety updates and information thereby putting the safety professional at the top of their games.

You can fully register to be IOSH member using this link:

Step 1: Fill out the membership form attached above.

Step 2: Fill out the Concessionary form if you meet the requirements on the form. Also, if your current salary is between N1 to N500,000 you will get a 50% of £198.

Step 3: Send the filled membership form and concessionary form (If you met the requirements on the form) And supporting evidence to IOSH via email [email protected]

Step 4: IOSH will reply your email with your membership number and the amount you’re due to pay.


Make payment by calling IOSH via +44 116 257 3198 or +44 116 350 0800 to pay with a Dollar Card/Pound Card or contact IOSH West Africa Division Team which we can direct you on how to make the payment and you send the naira equivalent to the necessary account. Have your full name, membership number, and email address when you want to make a payment.

Step 6: IOSH will send a receipt directly to your email upon receiving your payment.

NOTE: All new members to IOSH join as Affiliate Members. Once you’ve joined as an Affiliate Member, we’ll support you in transferring to the membership category which reflects your knowledge, qualifications, and experience.

IOSH West Africa Division Contact:

Temitope – +234 803 329 5363
Kemi – +234 905 021 0106
Gabriel- +234 803 292 3174
Diana – +233 24 621 2612
Bulky – +234 803 709 0710
JJJ – +234 806 439 9910
Diseye – +234 818 215 3788
Edward – +233 24 416 4671
Joseph – +234 803 651 0579
David – +234 807 633 2551
Iyenoma – +234 803 701 3543
John – +234 702 602 7705

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