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World Safety Week

To mark World Food Safety Week, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, in collaboration with the London Professional Training Centre in Lagos, hosted the International World Food Safety Workshop: “Prepare for the Unexpected.”

The workshop drew 100 in-person attendees and 500 virtual participants from various states.

The event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of food safety and equip food handlers with the knowledge and skills to tackle unexpected challenges in the food industry.

Convener Malvis Humphrey highlighted the focus on best practices, trends, and innovative solutions.

Providing a platform for experts, policymakers, and industry professionals, the workshop facilitated discussions and knowledge sharing.

It began with market sensitization in Lagos and included school sensitization programs at two Lagos schools, targeting junior and senior secondary pupils.

Key highlights included interactive discussions, presentations, case studies, and hands-on demonstrations. Participants learned from experts and networked with peers, enhancing their understanding of food safety practices and protocols.

Speakers, including representatives from the ministry and international organizations dedicated to promoting food safety and public health, delivered keynote addresses.

The sessions emphasized the importance of robust food safety measures and collaborations in ensuring public health.

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