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With less than five days to the biggest safety award tagged Africa Safety Award for Excellence (AfriSAFE Award) with over 1000 shortlisted nominees, safety professionals share their expectations towards the event.


I expect it to be glamorous. We safety professionals really don’t have time because most of our time is spent on site and all of those things that a safety person is supposed to be doing. So, a time like this will be a time to unwind and associate with like-minds that have achieved a lot in their industry. I know there are categories of awards that are coming up. It will be an eventful time for everyone to get to associate together on something outside the work environment and we will get to see other colleagues who have established and made a difference.

Sam Udoh Basil

Health and Safety Practitioner,

G4X Secure Solutions Nigeria Limited.


Debo. AjoseSafety is all about encouraging people to be safety conscious. So our expectations is basically to see safety professionals present and find a way of bringing up younger ones also who will learn the ropes, jobs and the business of safety. We have a lot of us who are professionals here. We need the young ones to also come and take the profession and move it to the next level. So I will be glad to see a lot of young and upcoming professionals at the event.

Debo. Ajose,

NACO International Airport


Akande AdebayoIt is more or less like the booster kind off for the people that are practicing safety. You know when you are doing something and you get to be appreciated; it gives you more motivation to put in more effort. Then you see more of the activities. People get to notice. It is more about awareness- that consciousness of working. People get to know more about your work and you get to give.

Akande Adebayo

Safety Practitioner, Contemporary Group



Ehi IdenAfriSAFE award is what we all look forward to, being a part of this year. One very key point about AfriSAFE is that it is not just looking at safety professionals in Nigeria, it is also looking at safety professionals across Africa. We are all looking forward to being there. I think with the fillers I am getting- I am getting information from many colleagues in different parts of Africa who want to be at that event. It will be nice to be at that event.

Ehi Iden, OHSM



I see an assemblage and a convocation of the eagles in the HSE management space both within the country and outside the national frontiers. I envisage the audience to be HSE Practitioners in the Regulatory & Enforcement, Due Diligence, Emergency & Crisis Response Agencies and from across industries such as Oil&Gas, Telecom, Power Generation & Distribution, Construction, Maritime Services, Academia and Consulting. It will be a roll call of “Who-is-Who” in African HSE practice. Also, the venue, being peaceful & sirene and the Capital of African most populous country, will attract many participants/tourists, who may want to use same opportunity to undertake guided tours of the sub-saharan region of the country. The preparation thus far has been apt and I do not have any doubt in my mind that all will play out fine as planned.

Fyneray Mbata,

HSE officer, MTN

AfriSAFE is a sensation, the expectation is that it would match and surpass the energy in contemporary events and proceed to become a household phenomenon in the industry in Africa and beyond.

Julius Akpong

 HSE Practitioner,

Cummings Limited

Well I expect it to be  an exciting award night, an expect that the criteria for choosing whoever wins the award will be as transparent as possible.

It is a good thing and am glad that Afrisafe is organizing such.

Kayode Fowode

Managing  Director, Kevron Consulting Lmited

Vice President, IOSH

Yes, in respect of the afrisafe award, we believe its an Africa award so its not only for Nigeria or west Africa so for me I actually expect the coverage of the entire continent at least having representation from every regions of AFRICA including north AFRICA.

Temitope Akande 

QHSE Manager,

Petrolchemical Limited

No doubt the expectations are so high because this is one of the biggest safety award in Africa, and first of its kind and of course I am very certain that every that occupational  health and safety professional all over across west African countries are all looking  forward to that night, it’s a beautiful thing  that people are going to be recognized on what effort that they have put into occupational health and safety, so we are all looking forward ton seen people that have worked so hard rewarded and of course they said that the reward for hard work is more works, am going to  particularly be looking out for those people that are been rewarded that night and of course we are going to task them to do more works and promote   awareness in health and safety, so HSENations well done you’ve done you’ve done so well when it comes to advocacy  especially in terms of health and safety, so it’s a night am forward to, apart from the networking and reward its also a way of relaxing.

Monica Nwosu

Principal Consultant,

Fresh Fountain Consulting Limited

My expectations is basically to see safety professionals there, and find a way of raising younger ones who will also learn the rules, job, business, because we have a lot of us who are professionals but we need the young ones to also come in and take the profession and move it to the next level, so I want to see a lot of young professionals, upcoming professionals I hope we get to invite some of them.

Job Ochigbo

Quaity Control, Security and Training Manager

ALML Group

AfriSAFE Award 2019 is proudly sponsored by Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Hybrid Group, Combined Training Solutions (CTS), and supported by Kevron Consulting Limited, DM Sheffield, Joint Professionals Traning  & Support (JPTS), Hassan B. Hassan Association (HBH), Revelation Properties Limited, DRI Nigeria, Finsbury Heinz Limited, Total Workplace Safety, Fresh Foundation Consulting Limited, Clarionttech amongst others.


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