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Common health issues that come with the rainy season.

Raining season often come with different health issues as the bones are often prone to weakness and vital organs of the body needs to temperate temperature for effective functions, While the functions of the body is likely to be affected due to weather changes there are certain health issues individual are likely to battle with due to continuous downpour.

This article will focus on health issues which are rainfall related.

1. Cold and flu

The fluctuation of temperature which happens during the rainy season often makes the body susceptible to bacterial and viral attack, thereby weakening our immune system. This results in cold and flu. This is the most common form of viral infections. Hence, to protect the body, one should consume highly nutritious foods and strengthen the immunity. By this the body can fight germs by producing antibodies against the released toxins.

2. Mosquito Borne Disease

Malaria and cold often go hand in hand. During the rainy season, stagnant water creates favourable environments for mosquitoes thereby making us susceptible to their bite which often leads to malaria.

Common health issues that come with the rainy season.
Common health issues that come with the rainy season.

Another mosquito borne diseases is Dengue fever, this can be very painful and life-threatening. Although this disease is caused by the dengue virus, he carrier here is the mosquito and thus keeping the body protected from any form of mosquito bite can ensure safety.

3. Cholera

Cholera water borne infection, caused by many strains of bacteria called Vibrio cholera.

Cholera affects the gastrointestinal tract causing severe dehydration and diarrhea. During the rainy season the body requires more water, hence the nerd for individuals to go for clean and purified water to ensure health and safety is very important.

4. Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a result of contaminated food and water. This is yet another bacterial infection caused by Salmonella typhoid. Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation and at the same time using clean water is recommended. Research has shown typhoid Fever is often prevalent rainy season.

The need to be watchful and careful during rainy seasons to initiate the body to a good temperature level is very important, as all the above-mentioned illness strive well and faster when the temperature of the body is favourable to them for regeneration. The need for healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and taking caution of the environment is very important.

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