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Fasting and how it affects Workplace productivity 

Fasting is a time of abstinence or mortification. A time when you stay away from all the regular things you’d love to do – food, sex, talking, playing, and so on.
Call it religious but fasting was never only created for religious purpose or what did you think sabbatical leave was ment for – a time to reflect, but a lot of people would rather use it party all the way.

The Fasting period is a beautiful time to also reflect as an employee of labour, irrespective of how you feel about your current job or situation, fasting is that time to properly make good decisions and pen them down for actions. It’s also a time to see if you should continue working for a business or leave or how best to impact that business and at the end gain improvement on yourself.

Fasting and Health
As a food scientist, I am among those that will always advice Intermittent Fasting, whether it’s fasting period or not. This is because fasting itself helps reset your body – restrengthening your body, mind and soul; reduce excessive fat, weakens you for better reflection, and so on.
As a worker, your health is wealth. If you are ‘indispensable’ and pay attention to not causing yourself sickness or death – it’s been verified that people kill themselves than natural.

Fasting and how it affects Workplace productivity 
Fasting and how it affects Workplace productivity 

With intermittent fast you can help your body fight the artificial biggest killer of our time – Sugar.
When you take care of your self, you increase your chances of living longer, taking care of your responsibility and most importantly teaching the next generation on how best to survive.

As an Employee,


things to provide in the workplace during fasting includes:

A conducive environment;
When employees are going through the fasting period, it is very important that the working environment is made easy and less tedious for them. If the environment is tensed it could affect how the employee feels about their fasting ability which in turn may affect their productivity level.

Reasonable work load:

An individual who is very active may not necessarily by very active during a fast period as they would want to reserve their energy to carry them through the fasting period, so it is very important that workload are given at minimum level.

On this periods, bosses or employees of labour can reflect on how to relate with both employees and their business, how best to keep their workers, as well as who to let go.

As we start our successful journey into another year, HSENations wishes all workers and employees use this few weeks to reflect and repair before gunning for our next set of achievements.

Temi Badmus
Nutritionist and Digital Marketer.

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