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Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), has introduced the Decent Work Country Programme III (2023-2027) with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the rights of workers in the country.

Minister of Labour and Employment, Simon Lalong, unveiled the program in Abuja, emphasizing its significance in addressing the prevailing deficits and gaps in decent work. Lalong expressed concern over the abundance of poor working conditions, low wages, long hours, and limited unionism in the informal economy, while well-paying jobs with social protection benefits are the exception rather than the norm. He further highlighted issues such as inadequate job creation opportunities, underemployment, child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking.

In addition, there are gaps in labor administration, outdated laws and regulations, insufficient capacity for labor inspections, substandard working environments, and limited social dialogue.

The implementation of DWCP III is expected to address these concerns and improve the overall state of decent work. Lalong assured that the program would promote productive and progressive jobs, allowing for career advancement, fair incomes, and social security for workers and their families in both public and private sectors. The integration of decent work principles into all employment generation activities will be a key focus.

The DWCP’s development involved extensive consultation and the involvement of major stakeholders, ensuring inclusivity and robustness. A comprehensive diagnostic study conducted by the ILO in 2021 provided reliable data and recommendations to tackle existing decent work deficits in Nigeria.

The launched DWCP III serves as an essential tool to tackle social and economic challenges while fostering inclusive, sustainable growth and job creation. It also enables the government and social partners to mobilize resources and support productive employment and decent work endeavors.

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