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Fuel Subsidy: How to help your employees survive this period


A lot of people have been wondering what fuel subsidy is and how it affect the lifestyle of every individual, both worker and their employers.


So I will take my time to explain fuel subsidy in a very simple way.

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A man has a son and a daughter. When they finished secondary school. They got admission into a prestigious university. Apart from school fees, there are certain activity like excursion and practical but since the man could not afford the fee for excursion and practical, the university decided they would cover both excursion and practical for the man. ( The money used in covering the excursion and practical which the man couldn’t pay is called subsidy, so the school is covering it).

Fuel Subsidy: How to help your employees survive this period
Fuel Subsidy: How to help your employees survive this period

Relating the fuel Subsidy to Nigeria, so now the school is saying they would not be able to cover excursion and practical anymore, this means the man need to starts adding both excursion and practical to his budget for his children fee. The government has stated that the fuel subsidy allowance which is been used to help stabilize the price at which Nigerians uses in buying fuel will no longer be part of the budget anymore, therefore leading to a hike in fuel price.


The increase in fuel price has led to different inconvenience for various people most especially employees who go to work to perform their duties. This article will focus on things employers can do to help their employees survive this period.


1) Reduce their working days.


Most individual employees would rather just want an increase in their salary during this period of fuel increase, but one of the best way to help an employee survive this period is reduce the number of working days. An employee can come to work three days a week for most of the important work and then do the others virtually in their respective home.


2) Provide an office transportation means.

Companies with great budget for transportation might as well create a transport budget, time and driver for their workers. Time should be made flexible so employees can find it easy to adjust to. This would also help the employee to save more cost and reduce the stress of thinking about transportation cost daily.


3). Allocate allowance for transportation.

Bosses and human resource managers can also set out a transportation allocation for each department present in the organization. The allowance can make it easier to overlook the stress and hazel that come with the fuel Subsidy.


A lot of things can done by employers and companies during this fuel subsidy to make their worker valued and appreciated. Working hours can be adjusted to allow individual employees leave the office on time as the fare are likely to be on the hike during the later period of the day.

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