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Health Implications of Staying Too Long Under Air-Conditions


With the fervent heat we are all currently battling now, staying under an air-condition seem to be the best of solutions. However, too much stay under the coolness of ACs has it’s health implications.

Due to the improvised nature of ACs and seemingly surpassing the glory of natural ventilation, air-condition devices have become the desire of everyone. Many organizations, companies, stores, shops and even kiosk can boast of having one air-condition facility on their walls or stands. While we jubilate for having one at home or office, it would be imperative as to know the health implications of staying too long under such cool humid air.

Cold and respiratory illness is one of the health risk of overly staying under the bliss of air conditions. Of course, we know that air-conditions are meant to chill the atmosphere; but being under the chill for too long, especially during the winter seasons could lead to complicated conditions for the lungs. According to Oxford Journals, people who are constantly exposed to air conditioners require more health care services for cold symptoms. Global News also says that moisture is usually sucked from the overuse of air conditionings and also drying out mucus membranes. Such the upper respiratory area to infections, fatigue and other illness.

In order words, if air filters are not appropriately cleaned regularly, dusts and other particles compound in the lines and air holes. Such can spread dirt, toxins and other microorganisms harmful to the lungs.

Increased high blood pressure is also a side effect from over staying under air conditions. According to Mental Fitness and Health, it was found that our arteries’ contraction is directly linked to our surrounding temperature; hence cool temperature plays a role in increasing resistance in our arteries’ and raising the blood pressure.

Another health effect is headaches, dizziness and heat toleration. Depending on our immune system, headaches from sudden change in temperature of the environment. Heat toleration also occur after leaving a very cool place to a hot place like into natural air, sun or outdoor. It is advisable to enjoy our air conditions wisely to avoid these complications.

Another health implication of ACs are skin dryness. The artificial air leads to skin disorders. A cosmetologist and skin specialist, Dr. Rajan T. D., notes that ACs pull out moisture from the skin and leaves it feeling dry and stretched. Hence, if the skin is not sufficiently protected to combat the pounds of air, constant dryness will affect the inner layers of the skin. The skin could become itchy or flaky.

On a final note, a Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Kshama Vibhakar, suggested that individuals should keep the skin well protected while staying under ACs, by using moisture rich lotions to enrich the skin in areas like the legs, skin, hand, knees and elbows.

He advised that a glass of water be kept close by, intermittently sipping for skin hydration. With these, air conditioning could be enjoyed and checked properly for our health.

By: Victory Bernard

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