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How to prepare a visible to-do list for an active workplace routine

Enhancing productivity by scheduling tasks properly and minimizing distractions is one of the most important things every active organization aims towards. But how does one prioritize tasks? Putting everything on your to-do list ensures you are doing the most important tasks first, followed by the secondary ones.

Once you have a list of all your tasks, spend some time organizing and prioritizing them to ensure you do the right things at the right time. In this article, you’ll learn how to prioritize your tasks depending on the amount of attention they require. But then people ask how one makes a visible to-do list in an active workplace. This article will focus on ways to fix a visible to-do list.


1. Hang your to-do list on your table/Wall.
One of the most effective ways to have a visible to-do list is by hanging it on your wall or placing it in a place that you can easily see. In an active environment, having a to-do list may be difficult to achieve, but it will be easier to achieve when the list is placed where you can easily see it for frequent remembrance and alertness towards performing such activities. You may also want to invest in markers that won’t bleed through the page onto subsequent pages.

2. Create a platform to move the task.
Some to-do lists may need to go through a lot of processes, using platforms such as kanban will be effective. A typical example is if I have a certain to-do list to fix, I don’t just write down the list and mark it as complete. I write it, submit it for review, and make edits after it’s reviewed. Then, I wait for it to be published before adding it to my LinkedIn profile and website. Only after all of those steps have been completed is the assignment fully complete. Using a platform that follows up with the completion of the task makes it easier for good visibility.


3. Use visuals to assign priorities.
A typical tost which will attain the visibility level may involve the use of visuals. To evaluate the importance, I have to read through each task to find the one that’s most pressing. But I might not read through them all, especially if it’s a long list. I might stop as soon as I see something I know needs to be completed soon, therefore missing something more pressing that’s further down the list.
Creating a visual to-do list can help you identify high-priority tasks more easily. That could be something as simple as writing high priorities in red ink and everything else in black ink or using different colored sticky notes—or you could get even more detailed by creating a priority matrix.

4. Put the task on a calendar or Gmail.
Putting your to-do list on a calendar makes it more visible. An active working environment will require your energy and intellect. Having your to-do list placed on the calendar gives you the reason for a clear reminder. A little dig for digital may be better in case the calendar does not work. Putting your to do list in the mail enables you to get alerted or reminded to perform such duties at the needed time.

How to prepare a visible to-do list for an active workplace routine
How to prepare a visible to-do list for an active workplace routine

5. Personalize your list
Making a to-do list can be burdensome and hectic sometimes. The truth remains that once the list is personalized, it becomes easier to be achievable. Since you are more familiar with your style and, of course, more comfortable with your style. Personalizing your list ensures you get used to fixing the list in such a way that makes it more visible and attainable.

Having a visible to-do list is achievable at all times, most importantly if you follow all the above-mentioned methods. A visible to-do list does not only make your job easier but also makes your task achievable no matter how busy your working environment is.

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