How To Stay Safe In Nigeria Amidst Kidnappings

Kidnapping has become a generic word in Nigeria both in public and private discuss going by its prevalence in the Nigeria.

The widening scale of kidnappings in Nigeria is a cause for concern as all are affected by it. Churches, mosques, markets, schools, homes and the highway, all are susceptible to this menace.

Abductees and their families are traumatized by the ordeal of kidnapping.

HSENations gathered that kidnapping in Nigeria began in year 2006 when the militants of the Niger Delta took total hostage to protest the inequality in the region.

According reports, Nigeria is built at the expense of the region which serves as the cash cow for the whole country.

In view of this, here are ways to stay safe amidst kidnappings in Nigeria today.

  1. Be vigilant at all times and review your security measures regularly.
  2. As much as possible, avoid travelling at night. Limit travel after dark outside city centres as far as possible; and avoid quiet and poorly lit roads.
  3. Take particular care if you’re visiting crowded public places or attending events which attract large crowds. Criminals often use these situations as cover for robbery and kidnapping.
  4. High-profile Nigerians are frequently targeted; so, be discreet in the kinds of gadgets you display in your car when on the road.
  5. Be mindful of curfews or restrictions that may be imposed on the movement of vehicles and persons, and don’t attempt to break any of them.
  6. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and don’t wear valuable watches, jewellery or items of sentimental value that could attract undue attention to you.
  7. Be particularly vigilant when sitting in traffic jams or at traffic lights. Keep car windows up and doors locked, and make sure valuables are out of sight.
  8. If you feel your vehicle is being followed, drive to the nearest place of safety (e.g. the nearest police station).
  9. You should take particular care when driving outside cities, and consider travelling in convoy.
  10. If you are travelling by public transport, board in designated motor parks, rather than standing by the road to solicit free ride from strangers, or taking cheaper alternative that could prove unwise.
  11. If you’re driving your own car, don’t pick up people at random.


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