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ILSI presents A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain 


International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has announced its release of a new book, “Present Knowledge in Food Safety: A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain,” which presents approaches for exposure-led risk assessment and management of food contamination at key stages of production.

“The ILSI Federation is excited to support everyone — from students to experts — in these important fields to enhance their work and research for the public benefit,” said Stéphane Vidry, Ph.D., ILSI’s global executive director. “Bolstering food safety and public health is one of ILSI’s key values, and it’s alive and well in the publication of this new book.”

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The book aims to improve the reliability, predictability, and relevance of food safety assessments, as well as their communication challenges, to protect public health.

ILSI presents A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain 
ILSI presents A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain

The book includes 72 chapters contributed by more than 110 authors. Conceptually modeled after ILSI’s book, “Present Knowledge in Nutrition,” this book provides coverage of new and emerging science in the risk assessment paradigm as applied to chemical, physical and microbiological safety issues.

Published by Elsevier, this new book features information about:

  • Innovative technologies, such as nanotechnology, genetic modifications, and cloning.
  • Advances in pathogen risk assessment through the novel and real-time molecular biological techniques, biomarkers, resistance measurement, and cell-to-cell communication in the gut.
  • The role of the microbiome and the use of surrogates, particularly for viruses.

The book was made to be a first-line resource for experts, researchers, scholars, instructors, graduate students, and postgraduates in food science, toxicology, microbiology, chemistry, medicine, public health, and related fields.

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