On November 10, 2023, the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) issued a public notice via its X (formerly Twitter) handle, announcing the temporary suspension of ferry operations at the Ikorodu Terminal. This precautionary measure stems from the influx of water hyacinth obstructing smooth navigation along the Ipakodo Ferry Terminal.

The water hyacinth presents a significant safety concern, prompting LASWA to prioritize the well-being of passengers and operators by suspending operations. In response, LASWA advises against attempting to access or utilize the waterways through the Ikorodu Terminal during this period.

To address the obstruction promptly, LASWA is collaborating with EQUUS, indicating a proactive effort to eliminate the water hyacinth and restore normal operations. This collaborative approach aligns with safety principles by involving relevant entities to tackle the root cause of the issue.

During the closure of the Ikorodu Terminal, LASWA has provided alternative arrangements for passengers, directing them to use the Ibeshe Terminal and the Majidun Jetty for their water transportation needs within Lagos State. This ensures minimal disruption to services while the primary terminal undergoes resolution.

Looking ahead, LASWA is demonstrating a long-term commitment to safety by announcing plans to open another jetty in the Ikorodu axis before the end of 2023. This strategic initiative aims to enhance the overall safety and efficiency of water transportation infrastructure in the region.

LASWA’s temporary suspension of ferry operations reflects a safety-focused approach, emphasizing effective communication, collaboration, and long-term planning. These measures collectively contribute to building and maintaining a safe inland waterway system in Lagos State.

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