The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has introduced a revamped membership grades structure aimed at future-proofing the profession and positioning its members as frontrunners in addressing evolving workplace complexities.

Nicole Rinaldi, from IOSH, explained that these alterations aim to elevate IOSH membership as the pinnacle of the profession. This restructuring process involved extensive consultation with members, professional bodies, recruiters, and global organizations.

The updated framework delineates a clear career trajectory for members, offering a structured path from the initial career stage to higher echelons like chartered membership and chartered fellowship. It seeks to enhance transparency for businesses and recruiters by defining the significance of each membership tier.

This reformation is directly linked to IOSH’s competency framework, which outlines the requisite occupational safety and health (OSH) knowledge and experience across all professional levels.

Nicole Rinaldi, IOSH’s director of professional services, emphasized, “This restructured model is in response to the evolving landscape of work and aims to position IOSH as the global benchmark for health and safety professionals.”

In light of the evolving challenges, Rinaldi highlighted the importance of professionals being well-equipped and fully competent to steer businesses through these changes. She underlined IOSH membership as a pathway to career advancement, following extensive consultations with recruiters and employers who highly value IOSH membership.

The revised structure entails changes in some membership grades while preserving others. IOSH has replaced the Associate Member grade with Affiliate Member and transitioned the Graduate Member level to Certified Member.

Members currently classified as Associates have the option to upgrade to Technical or Certified based on qualifications and experience or progress experientially to Certified or Chartered levels.

Furthermore, adjustments in other grades include:

  • Student: Members should pursue an IOSH qualification or an equivalent IOSH-accredited qualification.
  • Chartered and Fellow: Members must undertake the IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and maintain CPD in Blueprint at 30 hours annually.
  • Technical Member: This grade remains unchanged, with members expected to maintain CPD by recording 30 hours annually in Blueprint.

Additionally, a new ‘experiential’ route through member grades is introduced, allowing progression based on experience, even without formal qualifications.

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