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IOSH Partners with AfriSAFE 2024

In a significant stride towards promoting workplace safety across Africa, AfriSAFE 2024 proudly announces the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the world’s largest health and safety membership body, as its silver sponsor, demonstrating a commitment to advancing safety and health initiatives continent-wide.

Established in 1945, IOSH has emerged as a globally recognized authority, boasting over 50,000 members across 130 countries. As a charitable organization, IOSH’s mission revolves around creating safer and healthier work environments for everyone.

Through advocacy, professional development, and community engagement, IOSH stands at the forefront of the occupational health and safety (OSH) profession.

IOSH’s endorsement of AfriSAFE 2024 underscores its commitment to fostering a culture of safety and health on a global scale. By partnering with AfriSAFE, IOSH reinforces its dedication to supporting initiatives that promote best practices and raise awareness about workplace safety standards.

It is worthy to note that, IOSH has been a consistent supporter of AfriSAFE since 2019.

With IOSH’s extensive network of safety professionals and its reputation as a leader in the field, AfriSAFE 2024 gains added credibility and visibility within the OSH community.

As AfriSAFE 2024 opens its doors for nominations, it encourages individuals and organizations across Africa to participate actively. Through collective efforts and collaboration, AfriSAFE 2024 promises to be a catalyst for positive change, driving advancements in workplace safety across the continent.

AfriSAFE is a leading platform dedicated to advancing safety and health initiatives across Africa. Through collaborative efforts with governments, organizations, and individuals, AfriSAFE strives to create safer and healthier environments for all Africans.

The AfriSAFE 2024 Congress and Award Ceremony with headline Sponsor Zambia Sugar and endorsed by the Zambia Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Zambia Ministry of Tourism, is scheduled to take place on November 7th at the Radisson Blu Resort in Livingstone, Zambia.

Afrisafe 2024
IOSH Joins Forces with AfriSAFE as Silver Sponsor

And on the Award Dinner will follow on the 8th at The Boma, Avani Victoria Falls Resort, also located in Livingstone, Zambia.

This two events will include networking opportunities, exhibitions showcasing innovative HSE solutions, empowering workshops, premium entertainment and more.

To nominate individuals and organizations for AfriSAFE 2024, please visit: AfriSAFE Nominations

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