Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
WHO Accused Of Rationing Ebola Vaccine In DR Congo

The World Health Organisation on Tuesday said “Covid-19” would be the new official name for the deadly Coronavirus that was first identified in China on December 31.




According to a press statement made available to HSENations,the global health body said “we now have a name for the disease: COVID-19. I’ll spell it: C-O-V-I-D hyphen one nine – COVID-19”, explaining that “co” stood for “corona”, “vi” for “virus” and “d” for “disease”.

“Under agreed guidelines between WHO, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we had to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual or group of people, and which is also pronounceable and related to the disease”.

“Having a name matters to prevent the use of other names that can be inaccurate or stigmatizing. It also gives us a standard format to use for any future coronavirus outbreaks”.



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