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Lagos State Taskforce

In a bid to ensure the safety and security of residents, the Lagos State Taskforce has carried out a demolition exercise to clear shanties along Lekki Coastal Road and its environs. The exercise was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye, after an eviction notice was served to the illegal occupants who had constructed makeshift buildings.

The shanties, which were constructed under high-tension cables running through the area, not only posed health and safety risks to residents but also served as a haven for criminals who used such locations as hideouts. This prompted the state government to take action in fulfillment of its promise to maintain and sustain a habitable environment free from security incidents.

This is not the first time that such enforcement actions have been carried out in this location, as similar exercises were conducted two years ago and last year. Sadly, some of the kiosks were built directly under the high tension cable, which is extremely dangerous.

It is noteworthy that these areas were mapped out by the State Government to serve as an alternate route to motorists along that axis when completed. Therefore, the clearing of the shanties will pave the way for the planned development to continue as scheduled.

The taskforce chairman assured Lagosians and residents of the Lekki Coastal axis that the shanties will never be allowed to spring up again. To prevent any unscrupulous individuals from erecting such makeshift structures again, the chairman appealed to residents and CDAs of the area to collaborate and come up with sustainable plans like employing private security men to monitor the axis.

The Lagos State Taskforce has taken a step towards ensuring the safety and security of residents by demolishing shanties that posed threats to their wellbeing. By doing so, it has kept its promise to create a serene and habitable environment that is free from security incidents and occurrences, thereby paving the way for the planned development of the area to continue as scheduled.

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