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Max Air

Max Air, a leading domestic carrier in Nigeria, vehemently denies any compromise in its commitment to safety within its operations, despite claims made in recent media reports.

Undoubtedly, safety stands as the foremost concern for the airline, holding its place as the highest priority throughout its history.

The airline made an official statement yesterday, reiterating its unwavering dedication to safe operations, a commitment it has upheld since its inception.

“We pride ourselves on the bedrock of safety. Our sincere dedication to secure and reliable operations has been a cornerstone since our establishment,” affirmed Shehu Wada, an Executive Director of the airline.

He emphasized that Max Air will steadfastly continue delivering secure and efficient flight services to the people of Nigeria, irrespective of attempts by certain individuals to cast aspersions on its reputation.

Furthermore, Wada expressed complete trust in the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) regarding the recent audit of the airline. He praised the regulatory body’s comprehensive approach to the evaluation.

“We won’t allow anyone to impede our progress. Our audit is an open book. Perfection may elude us, but safety is our unwavering commitment.”

Highlighting the airline’s safety track record, he reminded that over the past decade, Max Air has maintained an accident-free operation, a testament to its unyielding focus on safety for both passengers and crew.

Addressing a recent incident involving one of the airline’s aircraft, where an unusual amount of water was found in a tank, Wada clarified that this was an isolated occurrence. Max Air promptly recognized the issue and suspended operations before the NCAA intervened.

Post the NCAA’s green light for resumption, the airline chose to extend the grounding temporarily, aiming to rectify other identified operational gaps.

Wada commended the NCAA as a responsive and responsible regulatory body that consistently upholds strict oversight of airlines, contributing to Nigeria’s aviation safety reputation on the global stage.

“The NCAA’s certification holds weight. It’s committed to maintaining its operational integrity.”

When discrepancies were identified, both the airline and the regulatory body acted swiftly, pausing operations until the verification process was satisfactorily concluded.

Wada emphasized that Alhaji Dahiru Mangal, the airline’s founder and a respected entrepreneur, remains resolute in his commitment to Nigeria’s progress. His contributions across various sectors have garnered recognition beyond the country’s borders. This conviction fuels Max Air’s dedication to safety and its broader role in Nigeria’s growth story.

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