Occupational safety

Mrs. Mienye Badejo, the South West Zonal Director of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment, emphasized the critical importance of occupational safety for Nigeria workers, particularly those in the construction industry.

She highlighted the necessity of safeguarding against avoidable accidents during a two-day workshop held in Lagos.

The workshop, organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Ministry, focused on high-risk industrial processes within the construction, iron and steel, and quarrying sectors.

Representing Permanent Secretary Ismaila Abubakar, Mrs. Badejo underscored the inherent risks associated with activities in extractive and steel processing industries, stressing the imperative for prioritizing worker safety.

Occupational safety
Occupational safety

She emphasized the pivotal role of the construction, iron and steel, and quarrying sectors in the nation’s economic landscape, particularly in infrastructure development.

Mrs. Badejo advocated for enhanced collaborations and awareness campaigns to educate workers about occupational safety measures.

She stressed the importance of inclusive engagement with social partners and emphasized the significance of safety education through training, open discussions, and recommendations from stakeholders.

Akinwande Ajose, the National Deputy President of the Costruction Union, echoed the necessity of ensuring employer compliance with safety regulations, addressing issues such as funding, corruption, and unprofessional conduct among safety officers.

He urged professionals and government authorities to fulfill their responsibilities in safeguarding Nigerian workers.

The workshop facilitated open dialogue and knowledge exchange, addressing the unique challenges encountered by workers in high-risk industrial environments, particularly in primary extraction industries.

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