Safety systems

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has reaffirmed its dedication to strengthening Safety Management Systems across all its divisions, particularly focusing on operational and engineering units.

During the opening of the 2023 NAF Safety Review Board (SRB) meeting at the NAF Headquarters in Abuja today, Chief of The Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar emphasized the paramount importance of safety management within the NAF due to the technical complexity of assigned tasks and roles.

Air Marshal Abubakar highlighted the NAF’s commitment to developing, implementing, and reviewing policies ensuring the conduct of operations and activities in a secure environment. He stressed that safety stands as a fundamental pillar in transforming the NAF into a more agile and resilient force capable of meeting national security airpower demands.

Furthermore, he expressed his commitment to continuous enhancement of safety standards through targeted programs aimed at bolstering flight, occupational, and domestic safety within the NAF. This effort is complemented by the arrival of modern platforms, courtesy of the administration led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which will augment the NAF’s combat capabilities, necessitating increased safety vigilance.

Highlighting the potential hazards associated with heightened operational activity, Air Marshal Abubakar urged proactive safety management, especially in units receiving new aircraft. He directed operational units to actively identify and manage associated risks, underscoring the need for safety culture development and heightened awareness among all personnel.

Additionally, the NAF Chief of Standards and Evaluation, Air Vice Marshal Micheal Onyebashi, outlined the SRB’s purpose in discussing safety policies, allocating resources for enhanced standards, and fostering a positive safety culture within the NAF. The meeting included discussions on Safety Management Systems, Human Factors, and a review of the NAF Safety Outlook, presented by various Air Officers Commanding.

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