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The recent Afrisafe 2023 Congress served as a platform where the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) outlined its stringent plans to uphold Nigeria’s current zero air accident rate. Sylvia Peter Pero, DGM of Consumer Protection at NCAA, emphasized the authority’s pivotal role in overseeing safety measures, ensuring continuous monitoring of airports and pilots.

Pero highlighted the significance of adhering to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, emphasizing their fundamental role in guiding operations.

Collaborations with bodies like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ACI were also underscored to enhance safety practices within the industry. With a commendable track record of accident-free operations, Pero reaffirmed NCAA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring aviation safety.

At the Afrisafe Congress, discussions emphasized the imperative for aviation stakeholders to deepen their commitment to safety awareness within the sector. Femi Da-silva, CEO of AfriSAFE, stressed the rigorous criteria for nominees, focusing not just on profit-making but also on their contributions towards increasing safety consciousness.

Regarding Africa’s progress in implementing safety measures, Da-silva acknowledged positive strides and urged sustained efforts to further enhance safety practices. The core motivation behind the Afrisafe initiative remains the drive to reduce workplace accidents and inspire proactive health and safety practices among professionals within the aviation industry.

Oswald Magwenzi, CEO of Zambia Sugar
Oswald Magwenzi, CEO of Zambia Sugar

Oswald Magwenzi, CEO of Zambia Sugar, echoed sentiments about the continent’s progress in safety implementation, emphasizing the critical role of leadership commitment and resource allocation.

Afrisafe Congress, in its 5th year, stands as an annual initiative dedicated to promoting awareness and fostering collaboration in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) matters. The event recognizes and celebrates individuals and organizations committed to creating and maintaining safe work environments. Victoria Adunola Samson and Oswald Magwenzi received honors at the Afrisafe Congress 2023 for their exceptional contributions to promoting safety within their respective domains.

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