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We are delighted to present a report on the successful debut and launch of Adejumoke Sangolana’s elementary book titled “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z.” The event was organized by SafeKids Consult under the theme “Safeguarding the Future” and took place on Saturday, 17th June 2023, at RCCG Christ Church, Gbagada, Lagos.
Book Overview
The book, “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z,” written by Adejumoke Sangolana, focuses on the importance of safety regulations and rules that children should follow in the absence of their parents or guardians. With fifty pages and twenty-six topics, the book enlightens both children and adults on the significance of safety precautions, not only in everyday life but also in workplaces and playgrounds.
Author’s Inspiration
Adejumoke Sangolana, a QHSE professional with ten years of experience, shared her inspiration for writing the book. Growing up, she observed the risks faced by children on the streets and wondered about their well-being. This curiosity and concern motivated her to create “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z,” aiming to equip children with the knowledge to overcome potential hazards. The book is the first volume in a series dedicated to children’s safety.
Event Highlights
The launch event was chaired by Pastor Mrs. Yinka Morgan, the Executive Director of Laterna Ventures. In her address, she emphasized the importance of the book as a safety manual not only for children but also for parents, schools, preschools, grandparents, churches, libraries, and every guardian. Pastor Morgan highlighted the book’s ability to bring attention to often overlooked safety measures and how neglecting them can lead to serious injuries or even death. She described “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z” as a powerful tool that broadens the minds of both children and adults, making it globally competitive.
The keynote speaker, Mr. Taiwo Akinlami, Co-partner/CEO of The Power Parenting Company LLC, emphasized that safety is everyone’s responsibility and should not be solely reliant on divine intervention. He praised “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z” as a vital safety resource, empowering children to protect themselves. Mr. Akinlami highlighted three critical keys presented in the book:
1. Knowledge: Understanding what to do during an incident.
2. Skills: Learning how to respond effectively.
3. Empowerment: Equipping children with the necessary tools for safety.
According to Mr. Akinlami, children play a significant role in their own safety as their parents cannot be with them at all times. He commended the book for its comprehensive coverage of safety topics, using simple and understandable language. The book provides a curriculum guideline for keeping children safe and is designed for practical application, detailing appropriate actions and recommended group sizes in different settings.
Guest Speakers
During the event, Mrs. Osokoya Ajoke represented Mr. Lanre Mojola, the Director General of the Lagos State Safety Commission. She highlighted the vulnerability of children to accidents due to their limited awareness of their surroundings. Mrs. Ajoke mentioned that the Lagos State government places a high priority on safety in schools, as evidenced by the Safety Audit implemented to reduce injuries and loss of lives in both public and private schools. She emphasized the evolving nature of safety practices and the government’s commitment to prioritizing safety.
Mrs. Dali Oluwakemi, an experienced educationist and Principal of Newland Elementary School, commended “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z” as a beautifully illustrated book suitable for children, teachers, schools, and guardians who value the importance of education. She praised its simplicity and comprehensiveness.
Distinguished Guests
The book launch was attended by several notable dignitaries, including:
– Engr. Jamiu Badmus, Executive Director, Safety Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation.
– Engr. Kayode Fowode, CEO Kevron Consulting.
– Coach Lara Yeku, Head of HR, Flour Mills Nig. PLC.
– Mrs. Tomi Mala, Public Education Officer from the Federal Road Safety Commission.
– Mr. Femi Da-silva, CEO HSENations.
– Mrs. Funmi Okeowo from the Ministry of Education, Lagos State.
– Dr. Mrs. Adrienne Tikolo, Chief Child Protector of Newland School, Lagos.
The book launch ceremony for “SAM LEARNS SAFETY A-Z” by Adejumoke Sangolana was a resounding success. Attendees, including distinguished guests, acknowledged the book’s value in promoting children’s safety and praised its comprehensive content, user-friendly language, and practical curriculum guidelines. The event highlighted the importance of safety education for children and the commitment of both individuals and government entities to prioritize safety measures.
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