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Safety precautions to consider when loading and unloading truck.



Businesses that deals with  loading and unloading trucks is a daily activity often make various mistake which may jeopardize safety of workers or properties. This often  come with a higher risk of employees getting injured on the job.


Loading and unloading motor vehicles can sometimes be one of the most common cause of workplace injuries in the manufacturing, distribution and courier industries. From forklift accidents to falling materials, employees in these industries must be focused and aware at all times to prevent serious injuries. This article will focus on safety precautions that should be followed to ensure safety.


1. Ensure Vehicle is stopped, braked and stabilized.

Before you start loading or unloading, the very first thing to do is to ensure that vehicle is stopped to avoid sudden movement while loading as this may lead to serious damage to properties and people around. Ensure that  vehicle braked, and stabilized before any other actions are taken.



2. Loading area should have good lightening

Loading on it own could be a very tedious activities as individual uses both their strength and brain so it is very important that organization ensure that loading arena are well lightened, do not keep workers in a dark area to load or unload truck as it can lead to various accident like fall, trip etc.


3. Loads should be arranged before loading.

Loading activities is more likely to be effective and immediate without causing any form of hazards to the workers if the load are well arranged and secured for loading. Which means an individual is not running here and there to get a particular load for loading. This will not only reduce the stress level that can affect the worker but also help the worker have a stable and sound loading experience.

Safety precautions to consider when loading and unloading truck
Safety precautions to consider when loading and unloading truck

4. Educate employees on proper loading techniques.

Employees should be educated on proper loading techniques which will help prevent strains, and sprains. The weight and volume of a load should be considered before attempting to move it. Follow safe lifting rules like maintaining a neutral back and bending with your hips and knees, and changing direction with your whole body rather than twisting. When handling lids or covers from loads, advise your employees to avoid lifting them overhead.

Transport company fined £400,000 for driver’s death while loading 

5. Ensure loading area is free from traffic or car in motions.

Loading arena should often have just one way as this help to keep people safe from any form of accident. Keeping the loading area free of traffic also applies to employees. There should never be any loitering or unauthorized personnel in the loading/unloading areas. This only creates distractions and hazards which can quickly escalate to disaster.



While loading and unloading safety is a requirement from organization to their employees it is also important that employees learn more to understand best on how to keep themselves safe at all time

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