Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Egbin Power Plc, one of the largest thermal power plants in Sub-Saharan Africa with distinction for over four decades recently celebrated a ‘3 Million Man-Hours Worked With Zero Loss Time Injury.

This achievement was part of the high points of the company’s safety week celebration which took place recently at the company head office Egbin town.

Stella Olugbemi, Community and Media Relations Officer, Egbin Power plc, said the safety week is an annual event where the company celebrates its achievements for that period, give reward to outstanding staff, appreciate people who have done well in reporting safety incidents during work for that particular year, and to raise awareness about safety.

Some key Safety professionals who were present during the week-long event, shared their thought on the proactive safety practice Egbin Power Plc stands for.

“ I’ve been part of Egbin in the last five years and I have seen them continuously move to a higher level of responsibility and accountability when it comes to health and safety, they’ve continuously built a culture that shows the serious importance attached to the lives and the welfare of those people that are working in this organization, and I think also having a whole week dedicated to health and safety shows a high level of responsibility by the organization. From all the activities I heard that they’ve done, I think it’s a big example to so many organization to emulate. One of the very interesting thing I was told about is their adoption of a school in this region and a safety club has been set up for the primary school, that shows the kind of future that they are trying to build. Am certain if this continues, the next generation will not struggle with health and safety the way we are struggling now because a company like Egbin is breeding a new set of Nigerians that understands what safety should be”.
Its always a pleasure to come to an organization like this, where you can see evidence of leadership commitment, which is the bedrock of health and safety in any organization”.

Dapo Omolade,
CEO,Hybrid Group and
National coordinator, Safety Advocate and Empowerment Foundation.

“We are today in Egbin to celebrate their over 2 years of working without LTI, this is fantastic and I have been part of them, I read some of their books, data’s and programs I can see that they have good safety culture in place that’s why they have this achievement, their proactive indicators are met, organizations should come to Egbin Power Plc and learn how safety is been practiced; that’s a very good one to the HSE manager Seun Babayemi , he has really done well and we all appreciate him in the safety world”.
Engr. Jamiu Badmus
Safety Advocate and Empowerment Foundation

“For us In Egbin, safety is key, we also need to keep the environment safe. One of the major thing that we did was that the management was fully involved in driving safety, from the first man in our organization to the last person everybody is involved, we know safety, we drink safety we live safety, so with that collaboration and team work we were able to achieve the 3 million man hour that we are celebrating today”.

Obafemi Abidoye
Finance Department
Egbin Power plc

“I was in egbin before I left about 3 years ago and I know egbin has a very good safety record and each year Egbin have it’s safety week and I know its usually a very fruitful one. Their safety culture is Second to none; I have been here before and am a witness, Egbin does not play with safety in all ramifications, but I will advise them not to relent. I think the worst thing that can happen to any body is not to learn from mistakes because if you relax too much you’re bound to make some mistakes, they say experience is the best teacher and I don’t want Egbin to have an experience or an issue before they can learn from it, I will only advice that they should keep up the good work”.


Godwin Emmanuel
CEO, First Independent Power Limited Porthacourt

“It’s an event that really called my attention; I can see that Egbin Power plc has an impressive safety standards and best practices, so for this reason I want to give it to them for a job well done.
With some of my observations here I can say that safety in workplace is what Egbin has taken very seriously. But I will just advise that they should not limit safety to workplace alone, we have to extend it to safety on the road to compliment that of the workplace.

Olawale Kareem
Unit Commander, FRSC Ikorodu Unit Command


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