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Slip and Fall… A simple accident? But has cost many lives, here’s what to do



Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident is a term used in a personal injury claim to describe the event of a person falling or tripping on someone’s else property, such as a store, business, on a public street or sidewalk, in a private home or just about anywhere.

While slip and fall maybe seen as simple accident that can be overlooked, they have been found to have serious effect on health and a lot of time may even lead to death. The issue of discussion is base on certain other health decline that could occur due to slip and fall, a typical example is bleeding of internal organs, rupture which may lead to serious bacteria, fugal and viral infection thereby causing a lifelong health concern.

Cases of slip and fall has occurred and has been recorded across the world. According to a 2020 statistics, 42,114 people died in falls at home and at work so far from a cumulative survey. The most dangerous conditions and hazardous areas include: Wet, oily, and slippery walkways. Floor surfaces in disrepair.


While we might consider random individual and safety workers who have lost their lives due to slip and fall accident, certain celebrities have also lost their lives due to slip and fall even at the comfort of their home.


Famous individuals like Owen Hart , Robert Culp DJ Mehdi , John Balance Johnny Lewis Jerry Fuchs, Cass Daley, Charles Rosher and a recent one was the death of a famous Nigeria actor, Murphy Afolabi who died after slipping through his bathroom design floor.



Things to do that curbs or reduce slip and fall accident.


Ensure that floor are often clean and dried free from water, oil and any form of moisture that can cause a worker or ay individual to lose balance.

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  • Ensure floor design are coarse and not too slippery.
Slip and Fall... A simple accident? But has cost many lives, here's what to do
Slip and Fall… A simple accident? But has cost many lives, here’s what to do
  • When considering footwears either at home or at work, ensure to go for wears that firmly hold the feet against gravity.


While this condition are often effective, it is very essential to know that working with great balance can also help to reduce the rate at which an individual can slip or fall. Maintaining a good walking posture is essential for balance against any form of accident.




Temi Badmus-Kalu

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