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Has School Marks World Mental Health Awareness Day………..

Stakeholders have called for the concerted efforts of government, parents, and caregivers among others to stem the tide of mental illness, depression and suicide that is fast spreading at an alarming rate in young ones in the country.

HSENations reports that the Chairman, Board of Directors of Olashore International School, Prince Abimbola Olashore said early detection is crucial to ensuring adequate mental health.

Prince Abimbola Olashore spoke in Lagos ahead of the Mental Health Awareness initiative of the school, as part of programme to mark the  World Mental Wellness Day on October 10.

Olashore said as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the school, it would be stirring up a discussion around mental health, which he noted leads to drug abuse and suicide.

He said the school, as part of its contribution towards mental health, was poised to key into the global movement against mental health problems through the annual seminar, where experts would dissect the magnitude of challenges posed  and how the tide could be stemmed.

According to him, the Nigerian society is already full of stress with people struggling day and night to make a living, which he said is putting enormous pressure on them resulting in depression and even the temptation to commit suicide.

Olashore explained that the seminar would feature breakout sessions on Understanding the suicide Mindset; Understanding the Substance use and Suicide among School age children.

“For us the issue of mental awareness comes in so many ways. It also leads to drug abuse that when you don’t quickly diagnose it, it turns out in some other areas. The good thing about it is that if it is well diagnosed, it is treatable,” he said.

Also speaking, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Prince Taiwo Olashore said the advent of social media has exposed the young ones to risk of being influenced, noting that  unlike when there was no social media, a lot of kids and young ones do not get trained from elsewhere other than the usual home and school training.

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