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 The need for President with HSE Quest as Core of His Soul: Prof. Imumolen

A government that upholds the tenets of Health and Safety recognizes the value of human lives. It does not close its eyes to the poor living and working conditions of its citizen that can cause serious bodily injuries not to talk about causing death.


It is crystal clear that the Nigerian government of the day is too far from being qualified to be described as a safety-conscious entity and that explains the 41, 709 and 1.4 million lives that were lost to road accidents and Malaria between 2013 and 2020 (according to Dataphyte and W.H.O respectively) among other tragic circumstances.


Prioritizing health and safety would have meant that Government acted in such a way as to reduce or eliminate the risks that loiter on roads, and workplaces — society at large. But that’s just a wish.
While all this mess is on, there is a man who has been creating change in his little way to protect the lives and properties of Nigeria, before he decided to up this game by bidding for the position of the Nigerian President.

Most workplace accident are often associated with construction industry

That Man is Professor Christopher Immumolen.

A Man who loves Safety.

Having trained about 10,000 young ones on Health and Safety, Prof Chris’ simple comment about this laudable achievement is that “Health and Safety Training for us is a lifestyle. We will still ensure that health and safety are key to everything we do”.


No wonder he is vocal about ending terrorism and the need to protect the lives of every Nigerian.

Anyone who claims he understands safety would know that what HSE stands for is beyond protecting workplaces. Safety is a culture. Safety is a lifestyle, whether at home or in a country.
How will a nation progress when its best brains are being kidnapped and surrendered to an untimely death? An average Nigerian lives each day afraid of what might be – a result of the negligence and unresponsiveness of a sitting government.

The need for President with HSE Quest as Core of His Soul: Prof. Imumolen
The need for President with HSE Quest as Core of His Soul: Prof. Imumolen

Tell me, how then will those who will drive the economy go about their business?

Stuck with this conundrum, Imumolen candidacy as president represents HOPE. Being a safety professional himself who has devoted his resources, time and energy to promoting HSE, we can dream of a government that prioritizes the health and well-being of its citizen.

A Safety Professional and More.
Being a safety professional and advocator is not enough to be the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. The right candidate has to be resourceful and visionary. These attributes that Christopher Imumolen, the Addo of Abaji himself, eminently portray.


The need for President with HSE Quest as Core of His Soul: Prof. Imumolen
The need for President with HSE Quest as Core of His Soul: Prof. Imumolen

A man with good heads on his shoulder, educationist to the core. He wouldn’t bag two PhDs (in engineering Research and Educational Management), alongside three Master’s degrees in addition to a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, not to know that growing the economy takes competence..
He understands polity and can make policies that will transform the nation. Just some months back, he launched the “I Will Prosper” economic system guaranteed to eradicate socio-economic despondency by providing basic care on which businesses and education can thrive. Add that to many other empowerment schemes he is championing.


In entertainment, he has shown he is capable. Youth engagement, he continues to do it over and over, being the youngest of the 2022 presidential aspirants.

Imumolen established a two billion naira trust fund for school scholarships for Nigerian singers sometimes back in February 8, 2022? Those that benefitted from it included Small Doctor and B-Red. He described the trust fund as a promise to aid well-positioned celebrities in enhancing their reputation in the eyes of their millions of followers, which will encourage them to view education as a surefire method of contributing to the growth of their country. How about that – for someone who doesn’t hold a political office, using his hard earned money?

How can I also forget about 2019, when he helped companies by providing cash grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 apiece, and then followed it up by arranging the release of more than 200 prisoners who had been held for charges that qualified for bail?

Indeed, it will be a beautiful story to see Imumolen emerge as the president of this country. And we can’t wait to live it.
Well then, the election is yet decided. Only votes count.

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