Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

In this interview with HSENations – Fasusi Olayinka, the point man of Marana Global Services Ltd speaks about his organization, the introduction of online and distance learning courses and its impact on the occupation health and safety industry. He also hinted us that his organization Marana Global is the only authorized training provider of ISPON courses among others.


HSENations: Can we meet you?

Response: My name is Fasusi Olayinka – an Environmental, Health and Safety Professional with background in Environmental Engineering from University of Port Harcourt. I am a registered professional member with ISPON; a regulatory body for safety practice. My other professional memberships are with Nigeria Environmental Society, System Safety Society in Canada and Occupational Safety and Health Association in UK.

I have experiences working as a safety professional and also as an environmentalist. My core areas of professional interest are safety education, environmental sustainability, incident investigation, safety psychology, HSE Risk management and system/process analysis.

Presently, I am a safety instructor and the contact person for Marana Global Services Ltd.

HSENations: Can you tell us about your organization Marana Global?

Response: Marana Global Services Ltd is an indigenous company that provides Occupational Safety and Health services in Nigeria. We specialize in safety and environmental training and consultancy to support the operations of industries in Nigeria.

Our vision is “to set a global pace in safety and environmental training and services” with a mission to consistently provide quality and timely solutions to the global community in our areas of services.

The first important thing that sets us apart in the industry is our passion for safety and commitment to continual improvement. This has made us to be very dynamic and innovative in our services, providing intelligent solutions for the present day industry challenges.

As experts in occupational health and safety; we are focused in reshaping professional safety practice in Nigeria and doing so by collaborating with relevant organisations and government agencies.

In Nigeria, we are the only Authorized Training Provider for ISPON, which we all know is the regulatory body for safety professionals in the country, as empowered by ISPON Act 2014 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

HSENations: You said Marana Global is in partnership with ISPON and the only authorized training provider, can you tell us about the partnership and how it came about?

Response: Our technical partnership with ISPON is a great privilege that we will never take for granted.

ISPON is doing a lot to keep the standard of practice on a level that is comparable with other regulatory bodies globally. This is the spirit that gave birth to our partnership. We are working with the Institute to further improve the standards of training and develop a system that will meet the needs of industries in the country. What we do primarily is to provide the training while the Institute award certificates to our participants. We also make improvement recommendations to the benefit of the industries.

One of the benefits of our partnership is the introduction of more training innovations in line with global best practices. We developed procedures for our Distance Learning with Virtual Classroom last year as an option for training. This allows people to stay in their preferred locations, register for ISPON courses, take the course and also write the exam online. At the moment, we are the only Provider of ISPON Courses.

HSENations: Can you take us through the modalities and registration procedures?

Response: Marana Global Services Ltd is the only place where you can do ISPON courses online now with our Distance Learning on Virtual Classroom. Using this option for training and certification is simple, and we have done so much to ensure that the training quality and integrity are preserved in line with global best practices for professional training.

To undertake safety training on Distance Learning with us, you need to register online on our website. After that, you will gain access to the study packs and practical assessment questions. During the training, we have dedicated Instructors to answer questions and provide clarification as the need arises.

At the end of the training, the participants will have access to take their professional exams online using our website. Upon satisfactory assessment, hard copies of the certificates will be sent to the participants.

HSENations: Any added words?

Response: I will take this opportunity to advise everyone who desires safety training and certification to go for ISPON Courses. Importantly, people can take advantage of our Distance Learning now, to become Certified. More than ever, the best time to get certified is now because as soon as the pandemic is over, professional certificates will mean a lot to protect jobs and secure new opportunities. Companies will be forced to take critical decisions that may not favour people who are not prepared.

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