School fire

The case of two primary school pupils in Ogun State, Nigeria, who allegedly set fire to their school in the Isheri-Olofin area of Ifo Local Government Area, raises serious concerns regarding safety and child behavior. This report aims to analyze the incident, identify possible causes, and propose solutions, taking a safety perspective into consideration.

On October 29, 2023, the two primary school pupils, aged six and nine, residing in the Isheri Olofin community of Ogun State, Nigeria, were apprehended for allegedly setting fire to their school, Community Primary School Isheri Olofin. The incident involved the children gaining access to the school premises, where they set fire to books that were left behind by teachers. This act resulted in damage to the school’s property. The incident was reported to the police by a community chief, leading to the arrest of the two minors.

Upon receiving the report, the Anti-Crime and Detectives Unit of the Ogun State Police Command visited the scene and took the two children into custody for interrogation. As of now, the value of the damaged books is unknown.


One of the primary factors contributing to this incident is the unsupervised access to the school premises. The minors gained unauthorized access to the school, highlighting a lack of security measures.

The act of setting fire to the school is a dangerous and destructive behavior. It not only puts the lives of the pupils at risk but also results in significant property damage.

The age of the pupils involved, six and nine years, raises questions about their level of understanding, maturity, and accountability for their actions.

Possible Causes:

Lack of Security: Inadequate security measures, such as unlocked classrooms and unrestricted access, allowed the children to enter the school premises without supervision.

Parental Supervision: The incident may indicate a lack of parental supervision, with the children having enough free time and opportunity to engage in destructive activities.

Influence: It is possible that the children were influenced by external factors, such as peer pressure or exposure to harmful behavior.

Safety Measures and Solutions:

Enhanced Security: Schools must implement robust security measures, including secured entrances, CCTV surveillance, and regular inspections of school facilities.

Parental Responsibility: Parents should be held accountable for their children’s actions. Parental involvement and supervision are crucial in preventing such incidents.

Education and Counseling: The children involved should undergo counseling and educational programs to understand the consequences of their actions and foster responsible behavior.

Community Involvement: Engage the community, including local authorities and community leaders, to promote awareness about child behavior and safety.

Peer Support and Mentoring: Encourage positive peer interactions and provide mentoring programs to prevent negative influences.

Regular Safety Drills: Schools should conduct regular safety drills and fire prevention exercises to educate students about the dangers of fire and appropriate responses in emergencies.

The incident of two primary school pupils setting fire to their school in Ogun State is a serious matter that demands attention from both the educational system and the community. A comprehensive approach, including enhanced security, parental responsibility, and educational programs, is necessary to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of children in schools. The police should continue their investigations to determine if external influences were involved in the children’s actions, and further updates should be provided to the public as appropriate.

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