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Clean birth kits will reduce poor delivery and infant morality 


The Clinical Director, and lead physiotherapist at the Stroke and Spine Rehabilitation Centre (SSRC) NeuroRehab Centre, PT. Adejugbabe Muyiwa has said that providing clean birth kits containing essential items for conducting clean birth will reduce the risk of unclean delivery, poor outcomes and maternal and infant mortality.


PT. Adejugbabe Muyiwa made this known during an outreach programme in Ajegunle community to mark this year the global physiotherapy day of service.


Speaking at the event which was organised by SSRC/ NeuroRehab Centre in collaboration with Adlai Heroes Foundation, PT. Adejugbabe Muyiwa said the community outreach is to provide quality services to indigent expectant mothers.


We are working in synergy with other health professionals to give the best health care service to these pregnant women. Because many of them they are ill informed, some are not properly educated, so they don’t know what is actually obtainable, especially in this delicate situation. When a woman is pregnant she is not only responsible for herself, she is also responsible for the growing foetus inside of her.”


Muyiwa also urged the government to make maternal health care services more available and accessible to provide optimal impact. Pregnant women don’t need to travel long distances to access these health facilities. Accessibility means it should be within a trekable distance.”

Clean birth kits will reduce poor delivery and infant morality 
Clean birth kits will reduce poor delivery and infant morality

Oluwafunmibi Ojewale team lead Adlai Heroes Foundation, the choice of Ajegunle Community is because there are a lot of slumps. The project is targeted at pregnant women in slums like this because this demographic don’t have access to basic maternity needs; we decided to donate these delivery kits, baby items, and food items to make their lives a bit easy when their baby arrives. They don’t have to worry about money to get those items.

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Beyond giving donating these items to them, we had different health professionals talk about different health issues related to maternal health care to enable them to understand better the changes happening to them and assist them to make informed decisions.

The event had professionals from different medical fields working in synergy to give the best healthcare service to pregnant women. On the ground were five doctors, midwives, medical laboratory scientists, clinical nutritionists, who advised the participants on what to eat and what not to, and pharmacists, who educated those struggling with health conditions like diabetes or hypertension.

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