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In a tragic incident that unfolded on Wednesday, a collision occurred on the Eko Bridge towards the Alaka area of Lagos State, resulting in a grim toll on human safety.

According to a statement by Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment, the accident claimed the lives of two individuals and inflicted injuries upon five others. This update was shared via the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority’s Twitter handle.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) swiftly responded to the scene in conjunction with other emergency responders, undertaking a critical rescue operation. Leading the team was LASTMA Akinde Olusola ‘Zebra’ (Zone 3 Iponri), who confirmed that the accident involved six vehicles, including a fully loaded ‘MAC’ truck bearing the registration number T-1501 LA.

Initial findings from the investigation point towards brake failure as the catalyst for the tragedy. The loaded ‘MAC’ truck was reportedly traveling at a high speed when it collided with five other private vehicles, among them a commercial mini bus referred to as a “Korope.”

Among the somber outcomes were two lives lost – one male and one female – while an additional five individuals suffered severe injuries.

Swift action was taken to ensure their prompt medical attention, as the five injured parties and the two deceased were expeditiously transported to a nearby General Hospital. This crucial transfer was facilitated using an ambulance provided by the Lasema Response Unit (LRU).

This tragic incident underscores the paramount importance of road safety and vehicle maintenance. Brake failure serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for regular vehicle inspections and adherence to speed limits, all in a concerted effort to safeguard lives and prevent such unfortunate events from occurring in the future.

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