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The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken action by suspending all foreign lease aircraft operated by United Nigeria Airlines after an incident where the airline diverted its Lagos-Abuja flight to Asaba, rather than the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, leaving passengers understandably concerned.

In response to this occurrence, reports have surfaced indicating the suspension of all wet lease aircraft under United Nigeria Airlines.

Former Agency Director General, Engr Benedict Adeyileka, confirmed this development in a statement released to the press on Monday. He highlighted that Captain Musa Nuhu, the current DG of NCAA, possesses the authority to suspend United Airlines while an investigation unfolds.

Adeyileka criticized the airline’s actions, labeling them as unprofessional and warranting a thorough investigation.

He emphasized that the suspension affects their sub-Part G of their AOC, impacting all foreign registered aircraft operating under subpart G. Adeyileka noted that in a normal situation like a Lagos-Abuja flight, the Captain should inform passengers of any diversion to Asaba but claimed this announcement did not occur.

Stressing the director’s power to suspend operations pending investigation, he underscored the seriousness of the matter.

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