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Aviation ministry

Minister Festus Keyamo, overseeing aviation and aerospace development, has called together regulatory agency leaders to address safety worries in the aviation sector.

Keyamo shared via his social media account the intention to conduct a comprehensive review of recent incidents during the meeting with these agency heads.

Citing concerns raised by the public regarding aviation safety, Keyamo expressed the need to scrutinize incidents causing these worries and ensure steps are taken to prevent future occurrences, with possible sanctions for previous issues.

The ministry highlighted the meeting’s goal as identifying the root causes of these concerns and implementing proactive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Emphasizing a commitment to the highest safety standards in aviation, the ministry assured the public that all necessary actions would be taken promptly to address the concerns.

Both United Nigeria and Dana Air had recent incidents, including a diversion due to weather and operational challenges leading to unscheduled maintenance, respectively.

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