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R-Jolad, a Multi-Specialist hospital group in Nigeria providing quality and affordable healthcare, has recently unveiled the new R-Jolad Plus facility, a premium and affordable hospital chain designed to provide the middle-income class with a multi-specialised medical experience in Gbagada, Lagos.

Prior to this, HSENations reports that R-Jolad Hospital fondly known as the People’s Hospital has been operating as a medical facility that provides quality and affordable services for low to middle-income earners. In expanding its experience and offerings, R-Jolad Hospital has created an extension of its R-Jolad Plus brand, a new 30-bed premium facility that offers top quality, specialized medical and diagnostic services to discerning Nigerians while keeping to our mantra of being “The Peoples Hospital.”

The New R-Jolad Plus Hospital has been carefully built with the capacity to provide end-to-end care starting with consultations, diagnostics and imaging, treatment, surgery, recovery, and critical care for adults, children, and newborn babies. In other words, the New R-Jolad Plus is a one-stop shop set up to meet your medical needs and provide you with a memorable and positive experience in one location and at affordable prices.

As part of the recovery and aftercare services, R-Jolad Plus Hospital offers a wellness centre with comfortable suites, nourishing meals, physiotherapy, and quality attention to improve post-surgery outcomes. R-Jolad Plus Hospital also provides prompt service, medical consultation, a wide range of medical facilities, and medical diagnostic services.

The Managing Director, R-Jolad Hospital, Dr. Funsho Oladipo said, “We are unveiling a new and modern facility which was purpose-built to cater to discerning customers in a specific segment of our community. Our team is made up of well-trained and experienced Consultants, Medical Officers, Residents, and House officers since we recently got accredited to train both Residents and House officers by the postgraduate colleges and MDCN respectively.”

“We remain very passionate about all our hospitals and patients. Through this new facility, we now give our patients the power of choice to make decisions on the type of healthcare services they desire. I want to assure all stakeholders of our commitment to the communities we serve. We will continue to be innovative, up to date on new approved healthcare protocols, and use advanced technology and digital healthcare systems to provide a best-in-class patient experience”, Dr. Oladipo said.

The Chief Medical Officer, CMO, R-Jolad, Dr. Abiola Fasina, spoke extensively on the quality of service and wellness centre of R-Jolad Plus. “The services that we will be rendering will be state of the art. We created R-Jolad Plus Wellness Clinic through which we hope to propagate our gospel of preventive medicine”.

“At R-Jolad Plus Hospital, we want to provide a holistic healthcare service that takes care of both the physical body and the minds of our customers; hence, our wellness centre is designed to provide our customers a safe place to recuperate physically, mentally, and emotionally”. Dr. Abiola said.

Other services that R-Jolad Plus offer are Antenatal & Delivery Care, Intensive Care Unit (Adults & Children), Wellness Clinic, Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy, Centre for Cardiac Science & Stroke Management, Surgeries; General, Specialist and Advanced Orthopedic Surgery, Specialist Consultants, and Imaging and Diagnostic Capabilities.

About R-Jolad Multi-Specialist Hospital

R-Jolad Hospital was founded in Lagos by Dr. Funsho Oladipo in 1982 to provide quality and affordable healthcare services. Over the last four decades, R-Jolad Hospital has sustained a culture of continuous access to affordable healthcare services, expanding from less than 10 beds to 215 beds across all locations (Gbagada, Agege, Bariga, and Isolo).

The hospital combines a passion for care with affordable service models in comfortable surroundings designed to promote healing.

R-Jolad Plus Hospital offers Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Family Medicine, General Surgery, and Cardiology, alongside Radiology (X-Ray, Ultrasound, Scan) and Laboratory.



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