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Why you should consider IOSH Level 6 Diploma as a safety professional 


Designed for a new generation of occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals looking to lead as business enablers, driving change in a new world of work. The IOSH Level 6 Diploma enables future leaders to gain a business-focused understanding of how OSH best practice can drive business benefits when embedded across an organisation, wherever it operates around the world.


Develop your career

This qualification is for ambitious OSH professionals, who have or aspire to have responsibility in their organisation for managing OSH policy, procedures, and practice, reporting to, or as, a member of the senior leadership team.


Successful completion meets the academic requirements for IOSH Graduate Membership (GradIOSH) and Technical Membership (TechIOSH).

Why you should consider IOSH Level 6 Diploma as a safety professional 

What you will learn

Building on the content from the IOSH Level 3 Certificate you will develop and apply a broad range of competencies to lead and embed effective health, safety and wellbeing practices within workplaces and in workplace cultures, operationally and strategically shaping governance best practice through an OSH lens.

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The IOSH Level 6 Diploma consists of 3 units.


Advanced OSH management principles in organisations

OSH integration within an organisation

Leading and influencing in OSH

The qualification has been approved by The Institute of Leadership and Management. It is recognised as a pathway to The Institute Membership (MInstLM), at a special discounted rate on successful completion of the qualification. This provides learners with additional professional recognition of their learning experience and ongoing commitment to effective leadership, inspiring others to achieve excellence.

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