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Food Safety

Have you ever had issues eating outside of your home? If you have not, then consider yourself lucky. Why?, Dining outside of the home can be difficult for persons with  food allergies who must rely on restaurant staff to properly prepare allergeRisks-free meals

Over half of allergy sufferers have had reactions after eating restaurant food deemed ‘safe’: A survey of allergy sufferers has revealed more than half have experienced a reaction after eating food from a restaurant or takeaway that they were told was safe to eat.

The survey of 1000 revealed that of the 58% who had suffered a reaction after eating the food they ordered, 7% of them needed urgent care at A&E, while 10% needed to see their GP. Three in 10 (30%) were able to manage their symptoms with medication.

Carried out by law firm Slater and Gordon who represent the parents of Megan Lee who tragically died after eating a dish containing peanuts despite informing the takeaway of her allergy, the survey reveals the level of risk allergy sufferers take when ordering takeout or restaurant food.

The poll revealed that of those who experienced an allergic reaction, more than half felt they were not taken seriously, ignored, or even called ‘fussy’ when making enquiries about the ingredients in dishes and disclosing their allergy.

It found 48% asked restaurant or takeaway staff if a dish contained the food they are allergic to ahead of ordering it, while 44% said they always choose a meal they have eaten before and know to be okay. The survey also showed that more than four in 10 (42%) researched a menu ahead of ordering, while 40% checked the ingredients in their chosen dish. Three in 10 (31%) said they will only order food from places they know and trust in order to avoid any contamination.

For 42% of respondents, the risk of eating out is just too great, while 6% said they do go to restaurants but now take their own food.


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